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Wigens Newsboy Classic Cap Escorial Wool

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Product information "Wigens Newsboy Classic Cap Escorial Wool"

Thanks to its classic design, the Wigens balloon cap can be combined with almost any wardrobe. Ideal for winter or cold days, it is made of 100% wool. The model "Newsboy" (newspaper boy) found its inspiration in the history of clothing. This traditional form was worn by newspaper carriers in the 1920s and gave it the name "Newsboy".


  • Colour: Anthracite/beige - herringbone
  • Umbrella length approx. 5,5cm
  • Material: 100 % Escorial wool
  • Light woollen fabric
  • Style: Balloon cap 8 pieces

Escorial is a rare and luxurious wool from a small sheep from the Spanish royal herds of El Escorial, which today can only be found in small quantities in Australia and New Zealand.

The Escorial difference lies at the core of the fibre and acts like a naturally curled feather. This flexible property creates a fabric that is incomparable in terms of draping and elasticity, with a distinctive soft feel.

Colour: anthracite, beige
Accesories: Headwear
Materials: Escorial, Wolle
Kleidungsstück: Beanies & Caps


For over 100 years, Wigens in Sweden has been producing comfortable hats and caps in timeless design. The best materials such as merino wool and cashmere from Italy, waxed cotton from England and tweed from Ireland also convinced the royal family: Wigens is the purveyor to the court.
Wigéns of Sweden has been producing hats and caps since the company was founded by Oscar Wigén in 1906. At the age of 26 he founded the company "AB Oscar Wigéns", commonly known as Wigéns, in the small Swedish town of Tranås. History says he was a man of strong will, sharp intellect and impressive energy. He was also known as a perfectionist. Every product had to be absolutely flawless!