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UBR Neon Jacket 6031

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Product information "UBR Neon Jacket 6031"

Ultra light down jacket with our new innovative Blackbox™ construction. Usage Range:-10°C | +10°C


  • Windproof & Water Resistant
  • Ultra Light 8 Denier Rip Stop
  • BlackboxTM Down Construction
  • 800 Fill Power – 90/10 Goose Down
  • DWR Coated
  • Exceptional Lightness™ 230g
  • Constructed Rib Collar
  • Primaloft Insulation Strategic Mapping
  • Tailored Fit
  • Two-way YKK Zipper
  • Two Side Pockets
  • 360 Degrees Safety™
  • Easy to wash at 30°
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UBR is born and developed in Norway and shaped by its ice cold winters and rainy summers.
In this environment a jacket is not just an accessory, it is a necessity. Our design philosophy is based on Scandinavian simplicity.
Through clean lines and new functional solutions we create a modern technical look that stays in fashion regardless of trends.
We work with industrial designers and are as much inspired by premium cars and innovative electronics as luxury goods.
UBR utilizes highly advanced technology to create jackets that make you stay warmer, travel lighter and look sharper.
Our aim is to create your favorite jacket.

UBR’s design is based upon a reflection of what modern executives should demand from their overcoat when they commute or travel, where often relatively short distances can mean large changes in climate and temperature. Historically, people who could afford the best tended to buy certain brands of overcoats, some of which became not only trade names but generic national or even world names. Every epoch had their style leaders, based on available fabrics and technology.

The “Mac” of the early l800’s was the traditional weatherproofed rubberized Mackintosh coat protecting the leaders of the British Empire from rain. Not only in England but during the monsoons in the Far East.

Burberry, which is famous for its gabardine fabric and weatherproofed yarn of its trench coats and its check pattern thrived from the 1880’s and combined elegance with lighter rain protection. They were the first to understand the importance of serving extreme conditions and pioneered the sponsorship of polar and mountain exploration as well as sports

First World War resulted in the trench coat which went on to become an iconic civilian garment, highly popular also in the decades after the 2nd world war. The same happened with the duffel coat pioneered by field marshal Montgomery. The frock coat is a dress overcoat. They were popular in England and were often worn by the American robber barons before and after the beginning of the 20th century.

The duster coat was common in the American West. Dusters were easily washed and canvas was a common material. It has a fellow traveler in Drizabone, the Australian outdoor and riding coat.

A hundred years later technical evolution gives the opportunity to radically improve today’s standard business coat. UBR utilizes new technology to create garments that make you stay warmer, travel lighter and look sharper. A rich history of great brands and innovative products inspire and push us in our quest to make the next generation of coats.

We base our design on meaningful technical innovations and combine it with Scandinavian minimalism to create our own unique look. Seasonal trends dominate fashion today. We aim for a different approach where the design is based on our costumer’s needs. We then seek inspiration in other industries like architecture, electronics and premium cars. To come as close to perfect as possible we invest a lot of time and resource in the research, design and development of each garment. By focusing solely on outerwear we are true specialist instead of collection providers.

We are delighted when our jackets win awards, most recently the Red Dot Design award for our White Heat™ & Redox™ Parka. For this concept we were even granted a patent for our new innovate way to construct down channels. However, more importantly we do get a lot of feedback from costumers all over the world that our coats and jackets do make them travel lighter, stay warmer and even look sharper which makes us very proud indeed. If you are looking for a new favourite jacket, have any questions or feedback we like to hear from you – just e-mail me at kari@ubr.no and I will get quickly back to you.

Yours Sincerely

Kari Ngo-Aandal
Head of Product & Design

When I founded UBR in 2009 it was a clear aim to create jackets that would become personal favourites. These days I have too many options from our wide collection but below are two of my “all time” favourites that together will cover you fully through the year regardless of where you are going.

Our EX-3™ Coat is truly cutting edge. Light and versatile and packed with technology including our Business Inside™ pocket system and UltraSonic™ welding. All wrapped up in very sleek Scandinavian design lines. Our most flexible coat – any city, any conditions.

When we originally launched the Regulator™ Parka in 2011 it was the first ever high tech parka tailor-made for the city. Since then we have perfected it through gradual improvements and adjustments and these days we just call it THE PARKA. Extra warm with a very nice cut it is tough enough for a New York blizzard yet light and flexible so also great for travelling.

Check out our full range for your own favourite and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or feedback – simply e-mail me at dag@ubr.no and I will get quickly back to you.

Yours Sincerely

Dag Tresselt

Business travel is hard work so you not only need the latest tech tools and the smartest apps, you should also consider your wardrobe. Here is our tips to make your travelling lighter and more comfortable.

Just like top athletes only use the lightest equipment you should also go light. Most of the time you are travelling you are inside – airports, planes, taxi’s, hotels, offices and restaurants. When you are outside it tends to be shorter walks so better to be slightly cold for a shorter while than being overdressed for most of the journey. Then instead bring an extra piece of light insulation should you run into a cold front (see layering below). Going light is especially important during winter when travelling from colder to warmer climate zones - with the right outerwear you can cover a lot of territory with one single outfit.

Let your outerwear cover the extra warmth you might need, it is easier to open or remove when you get too warm. Keep your suit and other clothing light but make sure your jacket or coat can handle the conditions.

Another top athlete secret – be smart on your layering. We recommend a light wool suit (super 110s to 150s work year around in most of the world). Wool is a great fiber, warm when needed and cooler when not. In shirts we also recommend to stay light – aside from looking sharp, smooth and comfortable next to skin is key – extra fine cottons are never wrong here. We also recommend premium wrinkle free shirts, great to have on the road – should be 100% cotton though.

However finishing off your layering you need to go high-tech on your outerwear. Traditional alternatives like woolen overcoats cannot in any way match modern technology on weight, warmth or temperature range.
UBR is very proud to be the global leader in technical outerwear for travelling businessmen and women pushing innovation further than any other brand out there. We have a large range of jackets and coats and all of them are built for travel - we do however like to highlight one product here that is our travel favorite: the EX-3™ Coat.
It is an exceptional garment and will cover you both through blizzards and tropical rain - do check it out in our product section. Women check out Sphere™ which holds the same performance standard as men’s EX-3™ Coat with beautiful shaping tailor made for you.


Oslo, Norway - the harmonious combination of high-tech outdoor materials with an elegant business look is the trademark of the young Norwegian premium men's label UBR. "City Tailoring" is the keyword here. Because this is where sophisticated design language meets high function. In autumn / winter 2013/14, the focus will be on high wearing comfort and multifunctionality, in particular ultra-light materials and sophisticated details.

During the long, cold winter and rainy summer days in Norway, outdoor clothing is not just a temporary trend, but is part of the basic equipment. However, finding the right weatherproof jacket to go with a business outfit with a suit and shirt is like the infamous search for a needle in a haystack. Norwegian product developer Dag Even Tresselt also noticed this and founded his own label UBR in 2009, which closes the gap between fashion and function.

"There is no bad weather, just wrong clothes"
the right clothing for extreme temperatures, extreme weather conditions, for the most extreme places in the world is a functional jacket from Uber - a resistant jacket for every situation. And it doesn't look like 'function' at all, but elegant and smart, making it perfect for business. The extremely light weight - the 'Black Storm Coat' is only half the weight of a conventional short coat - guarantees comfort and is also ideal for travelling. Up to a wind force of 12.0 m/s, 16,827 mm water and -25°C - a jacket from Uber can withstand anything.