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Steamery Cirrus No 2 Steamer Navy

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Product information "Steamery Cirrus No 2 Steamer Navy"

Save time and unnecessary laundry!
The Steamer Cirrus No.2 from Steamery makes your clothes smooth and wrinkle-free. In contrast to ironing, steaming is uncomplicated and is no problem even for non-ironable textiles. The steam also removes unfresh odours and dirt stains and keeps the fabric thicker and more colourful. Steamen is a sustainable option for washing clothing that only needs to be refreshed.

Cirrus No.2 combines the best of both worlds - it's an efficient yet easy-to-use steamer with a minimalist design. The Cirrus No.2 is also the best choice if you want to refresh curtains, bed linen and other textiles at home.


Make your clothes last longer by steaming them after use instead of washing them. Excessively washed clothing loses both shape and colour. Clothes that we call worn are usually washed out. The steam causes the textile fibres to swell and regain their natural shape. You can steam almost any fabric (except leather and suede). Therefore, you can also steame clothes that cannot be ironed. Steaming is like quick airing: it removes unpleasant odours and kills some bacteria.

Steamed clothing is:

  •         Wrinkle-free and soft
  •         Fresh: The steam removes dust and some bacteria.
  •         Matt (compared to an iron that makes the fabric shiny)
  •         colourful


  •         Starts fast and easy to use
  •         Ideal for travel
  •         Ideal for steaming curtains, bedding cushions, etc.
  •         Thermal protection cover included
  •         83 ml water tank - 6 min continuous use (sufficient for a complete outfit)
  •         Easy water refill - Steamer can remain switched on in the socket
  •         Origin: China
  •         Certificates: CE/RoHS/GS/GC
  •         Certificate: CE/RoHS/GS/GC
  •         Model: Cirrus No.2 Steamer
  •         Power voltage and frequency: 220-240 V/50Hz-60Hz
  •         Power rating: 1500 W
Colour: blue
Accesories: Laundry Detergent


Machen Sie Ihre Kleidung länger haltbar, indem Sie sie nach dem Gebrauch steamen anstatt zu waschen. Übermäßig gewaschene Kleidung verliert sowohl Form als auch Farbe. Kleidungsstücke, die wir abgenutzt nennen, werden meistens ausgewaschen. Durch den Dampf quellen die Textilfasern auf und erhalten ihre natürliche Form zurück. Sie können fast jeden Stoff (außer Leder und Wildleder) steamen. Daher können Sie auch die Kleidung steamen, die nicht gebügelt werden kann. Steamen ist wie ein schnelles Lüften: Es entfernt unangenehme Gerüche und tötet einige Bakterien.


Steamery Stockholm is a fairly young brand that has set itself a mission. The way we treat our clothes these days is not sustainable in the long run. We buy clothes, wash them too often and then throw them away after a short time. That is why Steamery Stockholm specialises in care products for clothes.

Steamery's mission is to inspire and educate us all to treat our clothes better so they last longer. They aim to do this by developing smart, minimalist and modern care gadgets and products.