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Bakaree Alpcaca Shawl Teal

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Product information "Bakaree Alpcaca Shawl Teal"

Wonderfully soft scarf from Bakaree made of fine baby alpaca wool. This scarf impresses with its lightness and super soft texture. The scarf is lined with twisted fringes and has a light fluff on the surface. Despite its lightness, this scarf has outstanding thermodynamic properties due to its high percentage of alpaca wool and keeps you incredibly warm. An absolutely cozy companion with intense colors for the cooler seasons!


  • Fabric: 80% alpaca (baby alpaca), 20% polyamide
  • Color: teal
  • Light
  • Pleasantly soft
  • Fringe elements at the hem
  • Dimensions: approx. 180 cm x 45 cm
  • Care instructions: Hand wash / dry clean
  • Made in Italy 


Colour: blue, green, petrol
Accesories: Scarves
Materials: Alpaka, Alpaka-Mischung , Polyamid

"Bakaree" means goat in Hindu. Originally, the cashmere goat comes from the Himalayan mountains. The long undercoat of the cashmere goat is finer than the thinnest sheep's wool. It is therefore considered one of the most exquisite and exquisite animal hairs. Our high-quality bakaree yarn is obtained in Inner Mongolia, through a special combing process that is particularly gentle on the goats. Because the goats are not shorn, but exclusively combed. That is where it begins: our appreciation and value creation for the product.

Every piece of Bakaree clothing is made in Nepal with a carefully selected, eco-certified yarn: by hand - with fair wages.

In large parts of Nepal, farms carefully handcraft each garment using traditional methods. This special craftsmanship, which is exclusive to the Kathmandu region and highly valued there, gives the workmanship its inimitable, impeccable quality.