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Property of .. Charlie 12h Backpack blue

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Product information "Property of .. Charlie 12h Backpack blue"

Compact and light, the Charlie 12h Backpack was designed to hold everything a typical day throws at you. It zips open wide, so you can pack – not stuff – and you can always see what’s at the bottom. There is a padded 13″ laptop compartment and a removable pouch perfect for all those little things (pens, diary, chargers) that go on top of the desk when the bag goes under. There’s also a hidden zipper pocket added under the flap for safely storing your valuables and an easy access pocket in the front. For all those times when you’re not carrying much but want to be ready for anything, Charlie has got you covered.


  •      Color: bluegrey
  •      removable pocket
  •      Leather and brass details
  •      Fabric from recycled plastic bottles
  •      Water resistant
  •      Padded 13" laptop compartment
  •      Size 27 cm (W) x 34 cm (H) x 9 cm (D)
  •      9 litre capacity

Materials used

All articles are made of high-quality materials, the most important ones are listed below.

Fabric - The fabric of the rucksack is made from recycled PET bottles.

Leather - (Top-Grain) We use high quality, non-buffed leather to enhance the natural "grain" or texture of the skin.

Brass - We use a type of alpha brass that is chemically aged.

Personalized ID tag

As soon as your order of Property Of........ has arrived, simply follow the instructions to receive your personalized ID tag as soon as possible! You can do this on the website of Property Of ... or via Whats App!

Colour: anthracite, blue
Materials: Tec. Fiber
Kleidungsstück: Bags & Bagpacks

Property Of.... wurde 2006 mit dem Ziel gegründet, eine ernsthafte Alternative zur klassischen Vollleder Aktentasche mit einer klaren und zeitlosen Ästhetik zu bieten, die sich an Männer und Frauen mit zeitgenössischem urbanem Lebensstil richtet.

Der Name Property Of.... wurde als eine Art Non-Label gewählt, um einfach auf die einzigartige Identität des Besitzers der jeweiligen Tasche hinzuweisen. Durch die Verwendung unserer Leder-ID-Tags ist die Beschriftung funktionell und präsent, ohne dass die Beschriftung zu sehr ins Hintertreffen gerät.

Der Hauptsitz von Property Of.... befindet sich in Amsterdam, wo die Marke auch 2010 ihren Flagship-Store eröffnete. Ein zweiter Store wurde 2014 in Hamburg eröffnet.

Property of ...

Property Of... is a collection of men's bags and accessories launched in 2006 by café owners and designers Peter To and Richard Chamberlain. The designs follow a clean, timeless aesthetic that are perfect for today's modern, urban lifestyle. Property Of... is constantly refining its models and designs, and new bags or developments are usually only the result of a new manufacturing option or the discovery of new fabrics. One of the most important principles for Property Of... is the production of durable, lightweight and well-thought-out products. Each individual model is aimed at a specific type of person, whether a frequent traveller, a bicycle enthusiast or a modern businessman/woman. The highlight of every Property Of... product is the customisable ID tag, which serves to identify each owner if the bag should ever get lost. Property Of... has even set up its own page for this purpose, which serves as a kind of lost property office.