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Glerups Shoe XX-AR-02 Rubber Sole

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Product information "Glerups Shoe XX-AR-02 Rubber Sole"

The "shoe" is manufactured with a heel cap and thus offers a firm hold in the shoe and at the heel. It does not slip down and gives a pleasant feeling of warmth. The outdoor version is also manufactured with a rubber sole and is therefore slip-resistant.

...very practical - and super comfortable!


  • 100% wool (pure natural wool from the Gottland and Merino sheep)
  • 100% natural rubber soles with non-slip profile
  • 100% natural felted with warm water
  • Natural rubber glued and sewn
  • no pressing seams
  • Owner-operated family business from Denmark
  • also barefoot portable
  • Can be used in summer and winter
  • keeps the foot dry and warm
  • Wool felt optimally regulates the foot climate
  • the slipper is flexible and soft
  • non-slip
  • suitable for outdoor
Colour: anthracite
Materials: Filz
Kleidungsstück: Slippers

Natural. Beautiful. Warm.
For thousands of years people have worn wool and felt for thousands of years. Felt shoes and boots from Glerups are made of 100% pure wool from the sheep breeds Gotland-Pelzschaf and Merino. So Glerups did not invent the felt shoe, but rediscovered a fantastic material and an ancient craft. During production, the wool is not treated chemically, but gently - from the raw material to the finished product. The sheep are shorn twice a year. The wool is washed in soft water and carded (combed) after drying, then the card ribbon is felted into boots in warm soapy water and then calfskin soles are glued on and sewn. Since the wool is neither chemically cleaned nor treated in any other way, small plant residues can occasionally occur in the felt - a characteristic of natural processing.
Natural materials, high-quality workmanship and minimalist design make this felt shoe so uniquely beautiful. The wool felt keeps the feet nice and warm and regulates the foot climate optimally.
The model without heel cap makes it easy to slip into the felt shoe. The velvety sole of naturally tanned calf leather is connected to the felt shoe with a decorative quilting seam and underlines the uniquely harmonious silhouette of the Glerup. The used material thickness and the additional reinforcement in the heel area will keep the joy with this felt shoe for a long time.
Natural. Beautiful. Warm.