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Brooklyn Soap Company is based on the belief that every user deserves something good. Starting with the ingredients, the application experience, the well-being and the consumption. All Brooklyn Soap products are a recommendation to yourself: Do something good for yourself! The motivation of Brooklyn Soap is the following: to transform normal guys into cultivated gentlemen. Each product is 100% Made in Germany from the ingredients, bottles and pumps to the shipping material. In addition, the products are easy to understand and use.

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The Woods New Level The Woods New Level
The Woods New Level "After "Beginning", "New Level" is the second fragrance in The Woods Fragrances. Aromas of nutmeg, saffron, neroli and sandalwood form its spicy, fresh character, which is refined with a slight hint of incense and...
€69.95 *
The Woods Parfum The Woods Parfum
The Woods Perfume The Woods is a perfume for men. A fragrance that does justice to the stylish masculinity of the urban man. The Woods is a complex perfume developed in collaboration with Parisian perfumer Mark Buxton. Elegant, but woody...
€69.95 *