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Pig & Hen COA Vicious Vik black

Pig & Hen COA Vicious Vik black
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  • ViciousVik-GOA-Black.18cm-M
  • PIG & HEN Armbänder in folgenden Größen werden als individuelle Bestellungen aufgegeben und sind vom Umtausch ausgeschlossen: XS,SM,ML,XXL Wir bitten um Ihr Verständnis.
Product information "Pig & Hen COA Vicious Vik black"

"Why is it that the bad guys always get the women? We have no idea how this works - all we know is that this cliché applies to our friend Vicious Vik, who breaks them all with his merciless charm. It would be almost admirable if he wasn't so cold-blooded. You better stay on his good side."


Proud of Amsterdam. We celebrate our beloved hometown with a Coat of Arms special. Red, white and black. Three crosses, because this is our city, these are our roots and this is for our Amsterdam boys.


  • Colour: black with three red crosses
  • Handmade in Amsterdam
  • Material: Nylon braid from Bremen
  • Braided Bracelet
  • Shackle closure with logo engraving
Accesories: Bracelets

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Pig & Hen

The bracelets from the Dutch label PIG & HEN stand for maritime tradition with a certain wink.

Many sailors tattooed a pig and a hen on their feet as lucky charms. Because they hoped that just like the pigs and chickens that were on board in their wooden cages, they too would always be washed ashore by the current in the event of a shipwreck. The bracelets from PIG & HEN are just as robust and seaworthy.

Handcrafted in Amsterdam from real ship ropes, they should last a lifetime and be stronger than steel. For real sailors.