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Steamery Sport Wash

Steamery Sport Wash
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Content: 0.75 Liter (€25.33 * / 1 Liter)

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Product information "Steamery Sport Wash"

This Odor Control detergent is specially formulated to remove stubborn odours. Its high-tech formula eliminates odour-causing bacteria, even at low temperatures. Ideal for synthetic sportswear, activewear, cotton fabrics, bed linen, swimwear and towels.

The unique formula targets odour sources in garments such as sports and active wear, bedding, cottons, swimwear and towels. And the clever thing about this modern detergent is that it does this at just 30°C. The dirt and bacteria dissolve and residues are removed with the washing machine's water rinse. Washing at lower temperatures prolongs the life of clothes and saves water and energy.


  • Suitable for garments with unpleasant odours such as sports and active wear, bed linen, cottons, swimwear and towels.
  • Scents af citrus & cedar wood
  • Fragrance af Citrus & Cedertræ
  • Effective at 30 °C
Accesories: Laundry Detergent

Steamery Stockholm is a fairly young brand that has set itself a mission. The way we treat our clothes these days is not sustainable in the long run. We buy clothes, wash them too often and then throw them away after a short time. That is why Steamery Stockholm specialises in care products for clothes.

Steamery's mission is to inspire and educate us all to treat our clothes better so they last longer. They aim to do this by developing smart, minimalist and modern care gadgets and products.