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The cotton is a naturally grown cellulose fiber. The processed fabric is very absorbent, skin-friendly and has a low allergy potential. In addition, the fibers are heat resistant, durable, easy to clean and yet durable. The quality of the fiber is decided by the long staple, the use of chemicals during cultivation and the type of selection during harvesting. The finest quality is found in Egyptian Giza (Mako) cotton, Peruvian Pima cotton and Sea Island cotton. They are characterized by a particularly high long staple, hand selection and high strength of the yarn. The majority of cotton is planted and harvested in China, USA and India. The high quality cottons (Giza, Pima and Sea Island cotton) account for only 8% of world production.

Armor Lux Sailor Shirt Armor Lux Sailor Shirt
In the past, sailor shirts were used to make it easier to spot sailors who had gone overboard. Today they have become timeless fashion items. This is THE original navy model. High-necked sailor shirt with wide round neckline and long...
€85.00 *
Wigens Newsboy Cap Cotton-Linen Beige Wigens Newsboy Cap Cotton-Linen Beige
Thanks to its classic design, the Wigens balloon cap can be combined with almost any wardrobe. Ideal summer hat made of cotton-linen. The model "Newsboy" (newspaper boy) found its inspiration in the history of clothing. This...
€80.00 *
schmaler Blaumann 15 oz Organic Cotton schmaler Blaumann 15 oz Organic Cotton
Slim-fit 5-pocket selvedge jeans. Product features are the historic selvedge, felled seams, extra reinforced back pockets with concealed pocket rivets, unwashed. Numbered leather labels from strictly limited small series also make each...
€290.00 *
Pantherella Cotton Socks Rockley Pantherella Cotton Socks Rockley
The Rockley is a ribbed cotton sock in a striped design inspired by the colours of the ocean. Knitted from luxurious yarn made from recycled plastic bottles (PET) and recycled cotton waste, the Pantherella "Eco Luxe" socks are designed...
€25.00 *
Pantherella Cotton Socks Kilburn Pantherella Cotton Socks Kilburn
The Kilburn is a cotton sock in a basic shade with a striped design in bold colours. The fibres of this "Giza 88" Egyptian cotton are very long, which means they can be spun into a very fine yarn. These long fibres are also resistant...
€25.00 *
Harris Wharf Overshirt Cotton Piqué Harris Wharf Overshirt Cotton Piqué
This overshirt from Harris Wharf was made from a cotton mix, which gives the fabric a robust shape. Thanks to the unlined processing, it offers ideal wearing comfort even with a shirt or long-sleeved shirt worn underneath. The...
€230.00 * €360.00 *
Pantherella Cotton Socks Rhos Pantherella Cotton Socks Rhos
The "Rhos" is a knitted cotton sock in a mottled design. The socks come from the Eco Luxe range, which uses high quality recycled yarn made from plastic bottles (PET) and cotton waste. In doing so, you have minimal impact on the...
€25.00 *