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Ten C Smock-Snow Steel

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Product information "Ten C Smock-Snow Steel"

The Snow Smock was originally developed for camouflage in winter and snow areas. The original was a very light and wide cut piece that was pulled over uniform and equipment for camouflage purposes. The Ten C Snow Smock is the urban, contemporary interpretation of the jackets designed for troops in winter conditions.


  • Material: 60% Polyester, 40% Nylon, OJJ-fabric
  • sleeve lining: 100% cotton
  • with hood, wind and water repellent
  • 2 patch breast pockets with closable flap
  • 2 stowage pockets with closable flap
  • Concealed button placket above the front zipper
  • Cotton sleeve lining
  • Belt sitting at waist height 
  • Compatible with Ten C inner jackets and hood linings



If you do not have any experience with the Ten C sizing, we ask for previous personal arrangement - best by telephone.

The same applies if you have any questions about this special product and its handling. You can reach us at 0441-21 909-51 or by e-mail at: bestellung@die-form.de

Colour: blue, grey
Kleidungsstück: Jackets

For orders, the delivery time of the jacket depends on whether the liner is in stock in Italy (delivery time 10-20 days) or whether the liner will be made for you in the next production (delivery time approx. 6 months) - an order window is opened twice a year for us. First of all a delivery time of 180 days is indicated in our shop.

Order January - Delivery July/August
Order July - Delivery December - February

Ten C

Ten C, The Emperors New Clothes (alluding to Christian Andersen's fairy tale "The Emperor's New Clothes"), presents with the Forever collection timeless and functional jackets made of a unique Japanese Jersey Twill that adapts to the anatomy of its owner. Ten C develops durable products with perfect craftsmanship from high-quality raw materials. If the collection is viewed holistically, seasonally independent products of high quality help to avoid waste. Ten C works without typical trademarks, each jacket ages with the beauty of individual authenticity. The entire collection is made of one fabric, the design comes from Alessandro Pungetti and Paul Harvey and is manufactured exclusively in Italy.