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Red Wing 3-Pack Cotton Ragg Crew Socks

Red Wing 3-Pack Cotton Ragg Crew Socks
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Product information "Red Wing 3-Pack Cotton Ragg Crew Socks"

The Cotton Ragg socks are a durable all-season sock from the USA with a balanced blend of 68% cotton, 30% nylon and 2% Lycra. The socks in this three-pair pack are made with a rag yarn twisting method defined by the use of one dyed yarn and one undyed yarn. These socks are knitted flat with a flat knit toe seam that fits closer to the foot. Designed to complement Red Wing Heritage footwear, the Cotton Ragg socks are made with the same pride and quality as the boots and shoes.


  • Fabric: 68% cotton, 30% nylon, 2% lycra.
  • Colour: Blue-melange / Red-melange / Black-melange
  • Size (US): Men 9-12 / Women 10-13
  • Made in the USA


Colour: black, blue, red
Accesories: Socks
Materials: Cotton-Mix

A small spot, in the bend of the Mississippi, is inhabited by the Indian tribe Lutasha until 1857. The Lutasha chief gave his name to the village: Red Wing. The young German, Charles Beckmann, worked in a tannery, but soon he was to create great things. Driven by his passion for leather craftsmanship, he founded the Red Wing Shoe Company in 1905. His idea: hard-wearing, robust, durable boots for the workers of the emerging industry of the 1930s. The result was number 650, the 16-inch shoe for navvies, a tall calfskin boot that is still part of the product line today. The designs for numbers 2268 and 915, the engineer's boot and the oil worker's boot also date from this period. Quality proves itself. In the 1950s, the 'Irish Setter' was introduced as a style that became an integral part of American workwear. And the legendary number 888, the 'Super Setter', combines the highest quality fabrics from all over the world: underleather from Australia, uppers from Scotland, shoe flaps from England, laces from Germany, Norwegian waterproof edge stitching and Swiss soles. Anyone who has been to the Red Wing factory will understand why these boots are not just boots, but a piece of the wearer's identity. This boot is made to last - "built to fit, built to last". Because in the more than 200 stations at Red Wing, every move is made with the utmost precision. The employees, who sew by hand the old-fashioned way and check every inch of leather from their own tannery, put so much passion into every single boot that you can feel it when you wear them. Maximum wearing comfort is ensured by a perfect fit. Through consistency and a commitment to listening to what customers want, Red Wing has created a product that in 100 years has evolved from a worker's shoe to the favourite footwear of many people around the world.