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Eton Contemporary Textured Twill

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Product information "Eton Contemporary Textured Twill"

Contemporary Fit (Medium Slim) with waist darts. Simple button placket, tight stitch density during seam processing. Mother-of-pearl buttons cross-stitched on wrapped handle. Handcap seams. With breast pocket, rounded hem line, Kent collar with one button. Sleeves with sports cuff. Due to its elegant structure and timeless details, the white Textured Twill shirt is a noble alternative to the classic white shirt. The fabric is produced with an increased yarn count, which creates the diagonal weaving pattern that is characteristic of it and makes it slightly heavier than the signature and fine twill fabric. This shirt is the perfect choice for both business and leisure wardrobes.


  • simple button placket
  • narrow stitch density during seam processing
  • mother-of-pearl buttons on wrapped handle cross stitched
  • handcap seams
  • no breast pocket
  • sports cuff
  • Rounded hem line
  • Kent collar with one button and approx. 8 cm leg length
  • Material: 100% full twist cotton in a strong twill design (full twist: this means that two-thread, high twist yarns are used, which make the fabric very durable and give it an incomparably soft, silky feel)
  • Care: wash cycle at 30°C
Colour: white
Materials: Cotton
Kleidungsstück: Shirts
Eton Contemporary*
Größe Halsumfang Brustumfang Tailenumfang Armlänge Länge
37 37 108 99 90 79
38 38 108 99 90 79
39 39 114 105 91 81
40 40 114 105 91 81
41 41 120 111 94 83
42 42 120 111 94 83
43 43 126 117 96 84
44 44 126 117 96 84
45 45 132 123 97 85
46 46 132 123 97 85
47 47 138 129 100 87











* Alle Angaben in Centimeter (cm).

1. Halsumfang
Öffnen Sie das Hemd und legen Sie den Kragen flach hin. Messen Sie vom Knopfloch zum Knopf.

2. Brustumfang
Legen Sie das Hemd mit geschlossenen Knöpfen auf eine flache Unterlage und messen Sie ca. 1 cm unter dem Armloch. Messen Sie von Seite zu Seite und
Sie erhalten den halben Brustumfang. Nun verdoppeln Sie das Ergebnis für den gewünschten Umfang.

3. Taillenumfang
Legen Sie das Hemd mit geschlossenen Knöpfen auf eine flache Unterlage und messen von einer Seite zur anderen. Die Taille wird am schmalsten Teil des Hemdes gemessen.
Verdoppeln Sie das Ergebnis erneut.

4. Länge
Messen Sie von der Mitte wieder nach unten bis zum Ende des Saums.

5. Armlänge
Messen Sie von der Mitte zurück zur Schulternaht, dann messen Sie von der Schulternaht bis zum Ende der Manschette und kombinieren diese Messungen.


In 1928 Annie and David Pettersson began to produce high-quality shirts under the name "Skjortfabriken Special" in the small southern Swedish village of Ganghester. In the 1950s, when it was decided to expand distribution beyond Sweden's borders, it quickly became clear that the brand name was too difficult to pronounce outside Scandinavia. Since exclusive shirts need an exclusive name, the company was renamed "ETON" with the permission of the famous English university.

Quality and attention to detail have always been the cornerstones of every "ETON" collection. First the colours for each new season are decided, from which the respective patterns are then developed. These are woven on the best looms in Italy from selected long staple Pima cotton. The final and unique finishing process gives the fabric an unmistakably soft feel that allows it to be processed into an "ETON" shirt.

Today demanding men all over the world appreciate "ETON" shirts as a synonym for authenticity and highest quality.