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Blaumann Shirt Chambray

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Product information "Blaumann Shirt Chambray"

This classic denim shirt from Blaumann has been made from a cotton-linen blend. Thanks to the slim fit and understated design, it's a shirt for any preppy outfit. The colour is a beautiful light blue with a slight grey tinge. With chambray, as with denim, the coloured warp yarn is interwoven with a white weft yarn. This light-fitting fabric is characterised by a weave with indigo-coloured warp threads. The fabric resembles a jeans-like fabric, but is even lighter. The more the shirt is worn and washed, the more it loses colour and takes on a classic washed look, like a stone wash. The weight is 5 oz.




Colour: blue
Materials: Cotton, Linen, Lyocell
Kleidungsstück: Shirts

Blaumann Jeanshosen

Denim weaving mills no longer exist in Germany, which is why we source our fabrics from hand-picked producers in Japan and Italy. Japanese denim is considered to be the highest quality denim fabric in the world, characterised by special spinning processes, the highest quality cotton fibres and special dyeing processes. This level is only reached by very few producers outside Japan, namely in the USA and Italy. The origin of the fabrics we use can be found in our online shop.

The four blue men already had the idea for traditional jeans in 2013. The experts from the textile and media sector came together and committed themselves to the vision of bringing the jeans trade back to Germany. With the Blaumann denim trousers brand you have launched a unique product for denim lovers.

Well over 100 million* jeans are imported into Germany every year. The large number of jeans brands is now hardly manageable. However, the method of production and the way in which they are made have remained the same and are comparable, as have the production locations in well-known countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. As is now known, most of the time under very dubious conditions.
2006: 141.5 million jeans /source stat. Federal Office

The traditional production of the new jeans brand takes place exclusively in German clothing factories and stands for unconditional quality. Ingredients such as yarns, buttons and leather labels also come from Germany. Contrary to the industry trend, the Blaumänner are breaking completely new ground and have consciously opted for transparent and sustainable production in Germany.