Denim, here synonym for blue denim, the classic jeans fabric. A classic denim is a cotton fabric woven in twill weave. In the early days of jeans, a white and an indigo blue yarn were used for weaving, creating the classic jeans pattern of the trousers. Nowadays, the yarns are only dyed on the surface, which enables selective lightening and washing. A classic jeans is made of 100% cotton.


A very traditional jeans type is called Raw Denim. This describes an unwashed, therefore 'raw' jeans. It was not washed during production or artificially aged with other methods. These jeans only adapt to the wearer and form their own wear on the jeans surface, creating a unique wear pattern of the dyed fabric.


New types of jeans are partly mixed with stretch fabrics (polyamides, elastane) to achieve a higher wearing comfort and stretch effect.

Selvedge/self-edge or Selvage denim are still made with a traditional weaving loom, which results in slower production, higher density and a more distinctive, uneven pattern. In addition, this jeans style is rolled up to show the Selvage selvedge as a quality feature.
The picture above shows an example of a selvedge on a blue jeans. Traditionally only white yarn was used to make the selvage, but over time other Selvage species such as the Red Selvage or the Rainbow Selvage have become popular. Only different coloured yarns are used, this is a purely optical deviation and offers the same quality. The second picture shows a Rainbow Denim of the brand Edwin.

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