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  • We ask for your understanding that individually made caps are excluded from exchange and return.
  • We ask for your understanding that individually made caps are excluded from exchange and return.
Product information "Made to order Vest"

Individual customisation of a waistcoat from 250 € (free shipping).

With the "Gini" waistcoat from Borelio you can give your look a masculine casual style. The high-quality workmanship from selected outer fabrics and the individual size give perfect wearing properties.

You design yourself and can thus put together your favourite waistcoat yourself.

All waistcoats offered here are piece-dyed. This means that the waistcoat is first manufactured in the desired material and then the finished waistcoat is dyed in the colour of your choice.

Has the waistcoat for men had its day? Is it a relic of bygone times, something for old men? On the contrary! A waistcoat without sleeves is an indispensable piece of clothing: warming, figure-hugging and smart, as the fashion country Italy proves to us. Here, the men's waistcoat has always been part of a complete outfit. With waistcoats, colours, structures and shapes can be picked up. Besides, a short-sleeved waistcoat has the function of replacing a pullover or cardigan in cool temperatures. You can configure your personal men's waistcoat at die form.de in Oldenburg or online. Sounds great? Then let us inspire you!

Why wear a waistcoat?

Waistcoats fulfil many functions! Down waistcoats and men's quilted waistcoats stand for cosy warmth, as does a fleece waistcoat. Quilted waistcoats are therefore classic outdoor waistcoats. These down waistcoats score with further advantages. Some are water-repellent, all skilfully keep out the cold and wind.

The situation is different with suit waistcoats, which are often worn with a jacket. Suit waistcoats can be in the same pattern as your suit. However, plain or lightly structured men's waistcoats in noble shades such as blue, grey or black can also complement many suits and jackets perfectly. You can now have these tailored individually at die-form.de. Dark blue is a preferred shade. Unlike black, this colour never looks harsh, but always distinguished and sophisticated.

Are you looking for something more casual? Then a denim waistcoat or a leather waistcoat are great accessories to add a special touch to your casual look. Quilted waistcoats and functional waistcoats, on the other hand, are perfect everyday companions, not only in the transitional season. However, custom-made waistcoats, which you can order online at die-form.de, are more elegant and personal: Because with a made-to-measure waistcoat you can include all the details according to your own ideas!

Configure your own personal waistcoat

Have your individual waistcoat made in our online shop. What are the advantages? With this method you choose step by step how your preferred suit waistcoat will look like. Fabric, collar, buttons: everything is configured according to your personal ideas and hand-sewn stitch by stitch into a unique piece.

Here, the joy for high tailoring art takes hold as well as the thought of sustainability. These tops are not disposable products that are subject to short-lived fashion trends. This is clothing that emphasises personality because it has character itself. By this we mean quality that is created in careful work processes. That's why we only work with renowned manufacturers like Borelio.

Why? Borelio specialises in washed and piece-dyed cotton qualities of unique quality. You can feel and sense this quality. It delivers what we promise and is a pleasure to wear day after day thanks to its high functionality and comfort!

Design a tailor-made men's waistcoat from Oldenburg

Our clear online configurator allows you to design a sleeveless men's waistcoat in ten steps.

First, select the fabric quality. We present you with outstanding summer fabrics made of light cotton quality with elastane content and soft, warming fabrics such as fine corduroy for cooler temperatures. Our configurator informs you about important details. For example, you will see that corduroy stretch is lighter than vintage fancy corduroy. The weight of the fabric in turn influences how warm and wind-resistant a waistcoat is.

Herringbone Cotton-Linen, on the other hand, is a lighter summer fabric. The combination of cotton and linen creates a flowing, fine fabric quality that looks very classy thanks to its beautiful woven structure. In comparison, lusty gabardine stretch appears more sporty. The look is more uniform, the feel firmer.

All fabrics are available in different, beautiful shades. This allows you to specifically match the waistcoat of your choice to your wardrobe. Finally, there is always the question of what you need your tailored waistcoat for. For leisure time? Then a robust fabric is the right choice. Under a jacket? Then the waistcoat for men should be made of a finer fabric that can be combined in a variety of colours. It is also possible to design the men's waistcoat specifically for a wedding or anniversary to go with a particular suit.

Let the range of our colours inspire you! Do you like a royal blue, a fresh sand tone or an elegant light grey? Dark blue is always the right choice for business, while red and green add clever splashes of colour that contrast perfectly under a dark jacket.

We present you with a wide selection of every quality. You will find fashionable shades like orange and yellow next to classic colours like sand, beige or light brown in all fabrics.

Now, in a further step, you choose the matching collar. Here you can choose from three variations:

  • without lapel
  • with lapel
  • with jacket lapel

Thanks to our drawings you will quickly get an exact picture. The difference between a lapel collar and a jacket lapel collar is that the collar runs all the way around and is a stand-up collar on the back.

With the choice of pockets, you give your desired waistcoat a specific, individual look. In concrete terms: not only with the fabric quality, but also with the pockets and collar, you decide whether your waistcoat for men has a classic, sporty or casual-elegant appearance.

Piped pockets are smaller, they emphasise a certain line, similar to geometric lines in a modern painting.

Flap pockets on the front, on the other hand, are larger. They deliberately set visual accents.

If you need to store important items such as keys, money, mobile phone or cards, choose patch pockets. These are available in two different sizes.

Once you have decided on the style of the pockets, refine your choice of breast pockets. Do you want a classic breast pocket, a patch pocket or a breast pocket with a button? With the help of our drawings, you can quickly get an overview of how the look of the men's waistcoats can be changed.

The configurator will now take you to the back finish. Straps, belts and slits are options here to perfectly adapt the waistcoat to your needs. Likewise, your sleeveless top can be worked smoothly, without a slit or bar.

Usually, edges are not consciously perceived visually. The stitching plays a small but subtle role in the style of your waistcoat for men. Do you want a vintage waistcoat or a heritage waistcoat? Conscious retro style or English country nobility: both can be decided by the choice of stitching.

We offer interrupted or continuous stitching. These models are quilted two or five millimetres from the edge. Of course, your gilet can also be configured without stitching.

Buttons are generally eye-catchers. This applies to traditional costumes, cashmere coats, business coats or all-weather jackets as well as to a men's waistcoat. Different sizes, colours, shapes and structures can be selected here. Are you not sure? Then take your time and look at our assortment, even repeatedly. Small buttons in inconspicuous brown or grey emphasise a classic style. With yellow, orange or red, buttons become fashionable accessories that specifically draw the eye. Metal buttons with a pattern, letter or horn combination emphasise an individual, extravagant style that goes well with a vintage waistcoat or a jeans waistcoat.

Choosing the lining is one of the last steps on the way to your individual waistcoat for men. Basically, the lining is dyed together with the waistcoat colour at the end. Here you have the option of choosing a classically elegant herringbone pattern, or going for cheerful dots or clear stripes if you want the look to be casual and fashion-conscious. Due to the dyeing with the outer fabric, the lining comes out irregularly coloured. This distinguishes high-quality, handmade goods from cheap mass production.

A waistcoat for men has to fit properly for you to enjoy it. Therefore, in a penultimate step, determine your basic size. Based on this, half the chest, waist and hip width as well as the back width and waistcoat length also count. Your waistcoat for men from Oldenburg therefore has a basic size that you can adjust up or down. Regular fit or large sizes like XXL are possible without any problems. Through precise measuring, your desired waistcoat is 100 percent tailored to your body!

Do you have any questions? We will not leave you in the lurch! Your waistcoat for men from Oldenburg should fit perfectly! You can reach us by phone at +49 (0) 441 - 21 909-33, by WhatsApp service +49 (0) 171 - 450 50 36 or by email at bestellung@die-form.de.

Voucher for a waistcoat for men: a great gift idea

Vouchers for a customised waistcoat are a perfect way to present your partner with a high-quality gift. You can also have a ready-made waistcoat packaged as a surprise: We will be happy to put together a beautiful package for you that will duly show off the precious goods!

Do you want to stay up to date with die-form.de? We will be happy to advise you personally at any time! If you also sign up for our newsletter, you will learn exciting news from the fashion world. Whether it's knitted waistcoats, quilted waistcoats, a suit waistcoat, pullovers, coats or trousers.

What can we offer you?

With us you will experience what makes fashion stand out: High-quality fabrics, unique cuts, avant-garde influences and hip trends make fashion a cosmos of diverse varieties. We are therefore happy to regularly compile the latest news for our customers in our newsletter. You can rely on our expertise and the standards of owner-operated shops. Discover extravagance with a casual touch now with a personalised waistcoat for men!

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Founded in 1930, the company has been producing trousers since the very first day. Over the years, Borelio has acquired a strong expertise in this field and has reached a high level of quality. Borélio was originally created by a Belgian engineer and is now managed by the grandson of the founder. The values of the family business still prevail today. Borélio has always placed great emphasis on innovation in order to constantly improve quality and offer a more innovative service. A combination of know-how in tailoring and industrial production allows us to offer our products in two areas. The "Made-to-Measure" sector is a unique offer in Europe that enables our customers to create a completely individual product. The series production sector allows us to offer our customers a collection from this impressive number of possibilities throughout the year.