Cord, also known as Corduroy or Manchester, is a widely used fabric appreciated for its special properties. The origin of the name Cord or Corduroy is not entirely clear, but the fabric is also called Manchester because it was first produced there.

Cord is woven in a special way, which gives the fabric its special resistance. This is the reason for the special popularity in the craft professions. Nowadays the classic guild dresses are still made of cord. Cord is made of 80-90% cotton and 10-20% polyester, whereby the so-called stretch cord is also common, which consists of approx. 95% cotton and 5% spandex.

A categorization system was set up for the fabric, with which the number of cord ribs or the fineness can be subdivided.

name number of ribs

per ten cm
Cable cord

up to 10

Trenkercord 10 to 25
Manchester 25 to 40
Fine cord over 40


Wigens Newsboy Cap Corduroy Wigens Newsboy Cap Corduroy
Thanks to its classic design, the Wigens balloon cap can be combined with almost any wardrobe. Ideal cotton slider cap for the transition period. The model "Newsboy" (newspaper boy) found its inspiration in the history of clothing....
€69.00 * €100.00 *
Blaumann Corduroy Waistcoat Blaumann Corduroy Waistcoat
Classic waistcoat by Blaumann reinterpreted in cord. Regular fit with one breast pocket and two patch pockets. Equipped with typical buttons, crosscut seams and of course 100% cotton. Details: Material: 100% cotton Fit:...
€220.00 *
Myths Pleated Corduroy Trousers Myths Pleated Corduroy Trousers
Fashionable pleated trousers in Grandfather style from the Italian trouser specialist Myths. The pure cotton trousers are very comfortable to wear. The pleat gives the product room to fall loosely and creates a pleasant airiness. With...
€150.00 * €239.95 *