Canvas is a dense and tightly woven fabric made for the fashion world from cotton or a cotton blend. In the past, hemp and linen were first used for production and, since the 19th century, cotton as well, which opened up many new possibilities. The material is woven very simply, creating an extremely strong and durable fabric that looks the same on both sides.

Other reasons for canvas are the properties of the woven fabric as it is wind and water repellent yet breathable. Canvas also absorbs colours very well, creating a wide variety of colours.

The woven material is an all-rounder and very widespread in the world, beside ship and boat sails, canvases, sun sails, fire protection materials and tents, also clothes were manufactured. For different uses the canvas is finished in different ways, for the fashion world very often impregnated or coated.

Canvas is used for backpacks, shoes, as a partial component also in trousers, jackets and pullovers. The versatility of the fabric offers enormous possibilities, making canvas an increasingly popular material for processing.

OrbitKey Key Organizer Canvas OrbitKey Key Organizer Canvas
The OrbitKey key fob arranges your keys the way you want them! No jingling, no scratching. The perfect balance between style and function - Dense woven, water repellent canvas with leather reinforcement for maximum durability; the...
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Red Wing Shoes Canvas Rucksack Red Wing Shoes Canvas Rucksack
Der Wacouta Rucksack ist von klassischen Rucksäcken inspiriert, mit Konstruktions- und Materialaktualisierungen, die modernisierten Komfort und dauerhafte Haltbarkeit bieten. Verstärkte Nähte und schwere Lederriemen sorgen dafür, dass...
From €399.95 *
Themata Belt Canvas Indigo Themata Belt Canvas Indigo
The belt "Canvas Indigo" made of cowhide leather with smooth edges and a double sewn-on fabric attachment in jeans blue is an eye-catcher. 40 mm wide with matt, antique silver brass buckle. The belt is unlined. Details:...
€79.00 * €159.95 *