Shark collar

The shark collar, also called "Cut-Away", is characterized by its relatively short and widely spaced collar tips, similar to the fins of a shark.

The shark collar is a fashionably elegant variation of the collar and is often combined with business suits and jackets. It should always be paired with a tie as it is too wide on its own, but also offers enough space for a wide tie knot, e.g. the double Windsor or the Onassis knot.

The shark collar is particularly suitable for people with narrower facial contours.

DU4 Hemd Davis DU4 Hemd Davis
The shirt "Davis" from the manufacturer DU4 is a fine cotton shirt. This shirt has an extraordinary pattern, which brings a pleasant leisure mood with it. The shark collar completes the shirt perfectly. Details: Material:...
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DU4 Shirt Davis DU4 Shirt Davis
Classic shirt "Davis" by DU4 made of high-quality Techno-Stretch material, which adapts ideally to the upper body. The shirt is provided with a shark collar, which can be worn with tie or open. The fabric is not transparent. All...
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DU4 Shirt Jester DU4 Shirt Jester
Classic jersey shirt "Jester" by DU4 made of high-quality cotton, which is very comfortable to wear due to the "softness" of the fabric. All buttons are made of mother of pearl. Details: Material: 100% cotton Colour:...
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Eton Slim Dobby-shirt with dots Eton Slim Dobby-shirt with dots
Shiny shirt made of particularly soft shaft fabric with a lively dot pattern. The perfect combination of business and casual. details: Material: 100% cotton Colour: White Fit: Slim Fit Collar: Shark Durham...
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