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Goodyear welted

The "Goodyear welted" style is also known as "welted". Especially appreciated and popular as a business shoe because of its perfect combination of durability and elegance. Normally, every single seam is sewn by hand with the Charles Goodyear Jr. patented sewing machine. First a narrow leather frame is sewn to the upper and the insole and then to the outsole. Because the frame is sewn extra, the shoe is very easy to repair and a renewal of the outsole is a pleasure for the trained shoemaker. In the world of shoes, the welted Goodyear Welted-Style has stood for outstanding quality since 1872.

Prime Shoes Ferrara Prime Shoes Ferrara
The lace-up shoe FERRARA is a modern Budapest shoe for the demanding leisure sector, which is characterized by high-quality workmanship and fashionable form. PRIME shoes are manufactured according to the traditional Goodyear frame...
€300.00 *
Prime Shoes Chicago Prime Shoes Chicago
The CHICAGO lace-up shoe is the classic all-rounder that cuts a fine figure for every occasion. A must for every business outfit, no matter where in the world you are on business. A shoe for everyone who appreciates excellent comfort...
€350.00 *
Prime Shoes New York Prime Shoes New York
With the NEW YORK lace-up shoe, the leaf cut makes the big difference. The shoe is a classic of elegance and helps with its simplicity a successful appearance. Made of best leather, comfortably cut with rounded cap. PRIME SHOES are...
€260.00 *