Dip Dyeing

The dip dyeing, also called " dive " adds an intensive colour to leather and at the same time supports its natural softness. After treating the leather surface, the leather is dipped into a solution containing colour pigments and then dried in the air or in a wooden drum. The dyeing can be carried out in vats, reels or paint barrels and the higher the temperature of the dye bath, the more intensively the dye is absorbed.

Dip dyeing is used to give leather a colour-intensive and individual appearance.

Shoto Boot Deerleather Drew Dive Shoto Boot Deerleather Drew Dive
The Shoto shoe Drew Dive from washed deerskin is already something very special. With this shoe, the flesh side of the leather is treated until the desired surface structure is created. The beautiful play of colours is created by dip...
€479.95 *
Shoto Boot Camel Leather Shoto Boot Camel Leather
The camel leather is slightly firmer than many other types of leather. The different anthracite tones come to show beautifully. This individual colouring and the special colour play of the leather make the shoe so unique. Various...
€499.95 *
Shoto Boot Kangaroo Leather Shoto Boot Kangaroo Leather
The Shoto boat made of kangaroo leather is completely washed and has been dip-dyed. The shoe is dipped into a dye solution, dried and washed afterwards. The process of washing is very similar to that of jeans. The leather is very soft...
€459.95 *