Felt is a textile which obtains its structure through the preparation of fibres which are difficult to separate instead of a classic weaving. This manufacturing process was already used in the Neolithic Age.

In traditional wet felting, wool and animal hair are treated with warm steam and soap, whereby the upper dandruff layer of the individual hairs is set up and wedged together.

Felt is particularly characterized by its elasticity and resistance. It is able to adapt to the contours of the body by means of pressure and body temperature as well as to insulate effectively against cold and heat. Felt can effectively absorb and release moisture.

Glerups XX-F-02 Felt Sole Glerups XX-F-02 Felt Sole
The felt soles are designed as insoles for slippers, boots and shoes. They are available in combined sizes and can also be cut to size if required. Details: 8-10 mm thickness 100% wool suitable for all Glerups-house...
€11.00 *
Glerups Hausschluffe XX-B-08 Glerups Hausschluffe XX-B-08
The "Slipper" is manufactured without a heel cap and thus offers an easy entry and feels comfortably warm. Details: 100% pure natural wool from the Gottland and Merino sheep. 100% vegetable tanned calf leather as soles...
€69.95 *
Glerups Boot XX-G-09 Glerups Boot XX-G-09
Glerups felt boots made of 100% pure natural wool with a sole made of soft, tanned calf leather. The shape of the boot follows the contours of the foot. The shaft ends above the ankle. The shoe is flexible and keeps the foot warm and...
€79.95 *