Once a year, the fine hair of the cashmere goats living in China and Mongolia is extracted by plucking or combing. The downy hair of the cashmere goats varies from white, grey and brown to black. Spinning requires a lot of effort to produce a high quality and is reserved for only a few specialists.

As a result, cashmere wool is characterised by its high fineness and wearing comfort and has been traded as a valuable product on the textile market since the 1980s due to its elaborate processing and rare harvest.

Cashmere is seldom purely processed due to its high price and is preferably further processed with angora or merino wool.

Stoltenberg knitted cap cashmere dark grey Stoltenberg knitted cap cashmere dark grey
Classic UNISEX knitted cap in 100% cashmere with ribbed structure.  Super soft handle thanks to the high-quality Italian cashmere yarn. Handmade in Lüneburg. Details:     Model Richy in dark grey...
€99.95 *
Seldom Women Knitted Sweater Seldom Women Knitted Sweater
Dreamlike companion for cold and grey days! The knitted sweater made of 100% cashmere by Seldom. A true all-rounder with an outstanding quality that simply suits every look. So winter is fun! Details: Material: 100%...
€449.95 *
 Altea Cashmere Scarf Red Altea Cashmere Scarf Red
Banish every winter blues! The cuddly soft scarf from Altea made of 100% cashmere. Details: Material: 100% Cashmere Colour: Red length 130 cm; width: 190 cm
€359.95 *