Kent collar

The Kent collar belongs to the all-rounders among the collar varieties. It has tapered, straight collar legs and a medium length as well as height. The Kent collar is named after Prince George, the Duke of Kent, who in the 1930s was looking for a shirt which could also be worn with large tie knots.

Obviously his search was successful, so the Kent collar can be easily combined with all kinds of ties, even flies can be worn with it. When it comes to choosing a dress, you can wear it elegantly with a jacket, for example, or in a sporty, casual outfit. So it's always worth having a pair of shirts with Kent collars in your wardrobe if you need a quick and accurate option.

Aglini Hemd Mario Aglini Hemd Mario
Herrenhemden von Aglini sind sowohl im Business als auch im Alltag mit der richtigen Kombination immer eine sehr gute Wahl. Sie geben Ihnen einen stilsicheren Look. Dieses Modell gibt es so nur bei uns. Es wurde von uns so...
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Eton Contemporary Textured Twill Eton Contemporary Textured Twill
Contemporary Fit (Medium Slim) with waist darts. Simple button placket, tight stitch density during seam processing. Mother-of-pearl buttons cross-stitched on wrapped handle. Handcap seams. With breast pocket, rounded hem line, Kent...
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Aglini Shirt Mario Striped Aglini Shirt Mario Striped
Men's shirts from Aglini are always a very good choice both in business and in everyday life with the right combination. They give you a stylish look. This model is only available from us. It was put together by us in such a way and...
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